Storesome is a turnkey Marketplace solution that enables you to expand with scale and to maximise your opportunities. It has an intuitive user journey for buyers and two separate back offices. The first is for the management of the Marketplace, while the second enables you to access and manage your product and order data. Our solution encompasses several applications that are interconnected and also provides different ways to connect external modules over numerous API’s. The modularity of our system provides scalability as well as stability. For example: if one module fails for any reason this will not put the entire system at risk.
Our technology has been created using the microservices development approach and it takes advantage of .NET (C#) technologies while incorporating the Azure stack. By utilising the Elasticsearch search engine, based on the Lucene library, the platform has a distributed multi-tenant-capable, full-text search capability. We have created a modern looking, progressive web application, based on the Typescript Angular framework, that can be provided to both desktop and mobile users without any restrictions on the operating system being used.

To achieve the microservices development approach we have created several web services, some of which are open to our customers. This will enable you to integrate directly into the platform with your own ERP or warehouse management systems (WMS) and administer the marketplace yourself. These services will also facilitate your own suppliers, who will also be able to use our ERP or WMS to manage their own sales orders and products.
Our technology has been architectured to allow our clients the freedom and flexibility to create their own buyer experience. You can build your own website and simply connect it to our platform using our specially designed Buyer API, this can be supplied to you on demand. Alternatively we can arrange as part of the ‘Marketplace Lab’ a brainstorming session with our experienced teams to generate an experience tailored to your needs.
Knowledge and
Our marketplace acumen is derived from over 10 years’ of experience in the industry. Our know-ledge and best-in-class service provision has been accumulated by our team while working on more than 70 marketplaces across the globe. The Storesome team has combined these best practices to make our technology and functionality available to you through an intuitive platform. Our software solution is both customisable and comprehensive, with feature rich functionality that empowers you to manage both front- and back-end development.