We’re a consultative, collaborative business that understands the needs and requirements of our clients. Our approach to scoping and understanding your project is called ‘Marketplace Lab’ and is a workshop-based, systems-thinking process.
Phase one:
During the Marketplace Lab process we’ll schedule a number of meetings (face-to-face or virtual) with your project owners, to establish the key criteria each stakeholder has. From a finance or procurement perspective, we’ll understand what software and processes you’re working with, deep dive into your current operational set-up, highlight what success looks like and identify all of the key points that will form part of the second phase.

"I found the emergence session very useful in helping to map out a marketplace vision that was largely in my head. The session provided clarity on our existing strengths as a business, and the areas that would need to be developed if the vision was going to come to life." - Alf Blohm, Head of Sales and Operations, Playmobil

Phase two:
From Phase One, a number of relevant, purposeful activity models will be generated, highlighted and formulated. These will form the backbone of the project scope. As all of the stakeholders will have had input we can work through to building a model, which can then be delivered effectively, on budget and within an agreed time frame.
Phase three:
Scope of works
In this phase you get to sit back while our teams create a solution which meets the requirements we’ve agreed and identified in the earlier stages. We’ll position several solutions which will then form the basis of our relationship moving forward.
Phase four:
Our delivery times vary based on the size and scope of your project but typically the duration of each stage is:
  • 1
    Three to four 90-minute sessions over a period of four to six weeks
  • 2
    One to two weeks
  • 3
    Scope of works:
    One to two weeks
  • 4
    Varies depending on the size of the project.
At the agreement of contract stage we’ll create a full statement of works, with accompanying durations for each phase of your project.
We are not a mass market SAAS and pricing is defined based on scope of work
We operate a SAAS solution pricing model with an implementation fee and depending on the level of services required an additional success fee. The pricing plan for your marketplace forms part of the scope of our Marketplace Lab which defines the deliverables, time frames and charges associated. To find out more contact us now.